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If you are not happy with your breast size or by their shape then you have probably thought about breast augmentation or implants. Before you go any further know that this is a very serious procedure and there maybe serious consequences. The media always advertises beautiful women having nicely shaped good sized breasts but we never see what these models go through to look like that. Why can't we ever see normal all natural women on billboards or on TV? Why don't we hear all the horror stories that happen with breast implants? Well there maybe some women that are very happy with their new boob job and have no complications but make sure you know what the possible consequences and risks are before you decide to have the surgery. There are the post surgery side effects and also the risks of deflating or rupturing the implants.

Any surgery you have will have the common post operation side effects like bleeding, extreme pain, swelling, redness infections as well as side effects from the anesthesia. It may take some time for these symptoms to clear up and you'll probably feel better in a month. But there have been reported cases of lingering pain in the breasts which is probably why many celebrities decide to remove their breast implants. Don't turn your cheeck; if you are sure you want to do this you should know the advantages and the disadvantages and ask yourself if it is worth your health.

Other post operation side effects include seroma and hematoma. Hematoma is the when you lose a lot of blood and seroma is the swelling of serum or bodily fluids under the skin which will need to be drained.

The biggest risk with breast implants is the chances of them deflating or rupturing. There are many ways they can deflate or rupture. Too much pressure, an accident, overfilled or under filled implants and even age. Your body will begin to break down the materials and may cause a rupture. The problem with ruptured implants is that the gel can not be completely removed and can become very serious if it enters the bloodstream.

Over time as you age if you are lucky and never have any complications, implants may still harden. Companies have been working on improving this but it is known that implants become undesirably harder over time making the breasts look hard and synthetic.

Now that you know a few of the risks in breast implant and breast augmentation you should still do more research and understand the process very well. You learned that there is post operation after affects and the possibility of inflating or rupturing implants that also comes with more serious risks. You also learned that implants can age and appear harder. These are only a few things from many to learn before you make this huge change.

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Breast Augmentation

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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